Russell Blanchard's skills as a trained artist have led him to develop exceptional works in oil, watercolor, and graphite. As with any great artist, Russell's artistic expressions have grown and moved in several extraordinary directions.

Looking at the world as we see it through the windshields of our cars or through the glasses we wear, Russell imagined a style that heightens this reality by creating a "window frame" where the center is rendered with almost photo-quality accuracy and the imagery outside of this frame is expressed with an impressionistic freedom.

Russell's "Family" works are equally compelling. All the emotions that course through and within a family unit in real life are simultaneously represented - happiness, longing, love, angst, distance, and closeness. These emotions all share the same canvas to create a total emotional portrait of an entire family unit.

Sample Works
Prices shown for original artwork. Contact or visit GREEN Ink for information on additional prints and originals.

Florida Sunset #1
(11" x 14")

Flower Still Life
Private Collection

Still Life with Grapes
Private Collection

Gulf Sunset #2
(11" x 14")

Lilly Pond #1
(30" x 32")

Low Tide Mist
(24" x 36")

Luberon Mist
(24" x 36" - Framed)

Italian Villa
(8" x 10")

Windshield Sunset
(20" x 24")

Swamp Tree
(16" x 20")
New Artwork Added 4/13/11.
Prints of selected works by Russell are available at $325 (unframed).
All sizes are approximate.

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