GROUNDWORK, LTD. Architects/Planners/Engineers was established by its principals in 1985 specifically to offer services of architectural design, civil engineering, site planning and contract administration.

GROUNDWORK IS a multi-disciplined combination of professional talent offering a complete design entity, with individuals ...

... attuned to dealing with today's sophisticated and complex design, construction and planning problems, and
... excited to develop effective, appropriate and efficient solutions to meet our clients' needs.

In today's world where a building and its site comprise complex elements, we commit to developing a product where the thousands of design elements coordinate effectively with all the other pieces.

To provide our clients with quality design services, most readily achieved by:

  • Exercising our professional and ethical responsibilities
  • Understanding and responding to our clients' needs
  • Viewing clients as long-term business partners
  • Being creative and competitive
  • Making continuous improvement a way of life
  • Having responsible, knowledgeable employees with initiative
  • Providing business-oriented leadership committed to a shared vision.

With extensive background in public design, residential, senior housing, office, civil, commercial and land planning disciplines, GROUNDWORK maintains a commitment to providing the most thorough project design available.